The Crane Industry…..It used to be “Grandfather rights” or an old phrase “Dead man’s shoes” to simply get in anywhere. 

The Crane Industry…..It used to be “Grandfather rights” or an old phrase “Dead man’s shoes” to simply get in anywhere. 

It’s always been about the family connections. “Family – First ” In the recruitment process!!

In the crane industry,  its how it works !! from father & son, Brother to Brother, Friends & Friends of Friends & more recently  we are seeing father and  daughter enrollments  as the industry & the construction  sectors  become more accessible and enjoyable to  everyone  .

This is how you would normally get the introduction into mobile cranes and the opportunity to a very rewarding  career.

This  Industry  has  been  guilty of restricting the opportunities to people outside the industry  , its a huge trust issue !! 


“We are going to give you the keys to a machine which is  usually valued at  hundreds of thousands of pounds ,if not millions , to operate &  look after”  its a huge risk and gamble we should  never have to take, but it actually  seems to be happening more and more due to the lack of industry  candidates & recruitment challenges. 


We have in the past  gained comfort from  people within the Army &  ex Armed forces personnel.

Providing  you’ve  been  lucky enough to obtain a basic understanding of the skill requirements and received in house training. We find it very useful to work with ex military  people. 


In the past we have at least relied on the most  senior member of the family to  vouch for you and  help you  with a basic understanding, it has been a generation to generation  job role in the past  ,which needs expanding upon and awareness  generated within  the general public . Great if you live close by to the Training  school to take full advantage  , however the job vacancy situation is  UK wide, so there is sure to be  suitable job opportunities in your area.

Its worth noting that this industry  can be a very rewarding career  move, it can be fast paced,challenging and actually fun to be part of a wider team.

We actually get to meet various people on ALL levels of Business and  with that come amazing  opportunities working in some amazing  places. 

The skill set can be achieved providing  your keen and willing,  punctual and efficient  at the controls , and have good communication  skills with the client and your colleagues  on site , a clean driving licence  is required , but we have accepted  the  odd misdemeanours on merit ( points).


Crane Operators, Drive operate and maintain large construction machines , they can travel  to  destinations around the UK to undertake lifting operations with precision and with an extreme sense of pride, although the smaller capacity  cranes tend to stay local to  support local projects and services. 

Mobile ALL TERRAIN CRANES or Truck mounted cranes have come a long long way,  technology,  performance, driver comforts including  in the high end product range ,we even get air conditioning for those infrequent days in the UK. The  computer control software is very reliable and  user friendly  once machine specific induction  training had been introduced. 

The industry  has always relied on ‘Word of Mouth’ in the past . 

We are all experiencing complex recruitment challenges and this is wide spread across  the construction industry. The construction  industry  needs to recruit an additional 217,000 workers by 2025 to keep on track .

Training and opportunities within this sector have never been more important,  the recruitment process is going to be a challenge.  If you enjoy working with in the construction  environment and  profess to be a good candidate  our first class training courses Administered by professionals  can help you reap the rewards this industry  has to offer.

The Training courses  on offer , concentrate  on the  whole skill set the crane industry requires.  Take a look at the course prices and choose how you wish to start your journey with us. 

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